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Corporate Training

DRUG ARM can provide tailored training sessions for professionals who work in allied fields, or for any organisation who requires up to date and accurate information around drug and alcohol issues. Drugs and alcohol are a Workplace Health & Safety issue, and so are important to all workplaces.

Professional groups who have approached us for specific training include:
  • General practitioners
  • Youth workers
  • Legal aid workers
  • Hospitality workers
  • Police
  • Teachers
  • Health services
  • Industrial corporations

Would you like to check our references? Contact (07) 3620 8800 for more information.

Topics can include:
  • Drug testing
  • Communicating with young people about drug use
  • Specific drug issues (eg. Volatile Substance Misuse)
  • Recognising drug use in staff or clients
  • Assistance available for staff or clients with drug & alcohol issues
  • Developing policy to include drug & alcohol issues
  • Developing and implementing drug & alcohol policy for the workplace

Why is Drug & Alcohol education important in the workplace?

The use of alcohol and or other drugs in the workplace can affect an individual�s ability to perform in many ways: physical reaction times, manual dexterity, judgement, communication skills and ability to cope with change in the work environment.

Long term, an individual's health and relationships with family, colleagues and the community can also be affected. All of these factors impact on work performance.

Implementation of a workable Drug & Alcohol Policy in the workplace can help minimise the risk of such harms, and allow the workplace to deal effectively with these issues should they arise.

How can DRUG ARM assist your workplace?

CARE can deliver an integrated education package that comprises a number of aspects. This package is tailored specifically to the company's needs. Training can be accompanied by printable user-friendly course material, and sessions can be complemented by information sheets and ongoing educational materials on specific topics for display (eg. noticeboards, intranet).

Training sessions can address some of the following issues:
  • What is the Drug & Alcohol Policy and why is it necessary?
  • What are the effects of some common drugs on individuals in the workplace?
  • How does a supervisor recognise possible effects of drugs on an individual�s workplace performance?
  • What support is available to the affected individual and to the supervisor?

For enquiries, please phone (07) 3620 8800.

The Resource Centre also has fact sheets on workplace alcohol and drug issues, both for employers and employees. Email the Resource Centre or phone (07) 3620 8800.